"Within every ailment is the answer to it's cure...... .....just have to listen."


Create a Healing Center for the World
Develop Peace, Trust and Spirituality for Those Who Seek Help
Embrace the Knowledge of Healers Past Present and Future
Empower People to Heal Themselves

"The Saguil Approach"

The steps required for becoming a doctor have given me a "staging area" to launch my own journey to better health. From a young age I looked up to doctors in my life but since being granted the title of Physician, I have embraced the idea that knowledge empowers people to Heal from the Center. It is only in my separation with traditional office based medical practice that I learned about how much my education was lacking. I passed all the hurdles established by governing bodies of two countries to become a doctor. I have passed the requirements of several states to become a "Physician and Surgeon". I continue to meet the the updated standards to hold the specialty title of Family and Sports Medicine Physician. I see an average of 4-5 patients an hour and work an 8-10 hour day. I have postponed death for some and temporarily quieted pain for others. I have delivered babies, said hello to some patients and good bye to others. All this and something was lacking. I got tired of the "algorithm" of diagnosis with my Sports Medicine Clinic and instead of waiting for a referral approval for physical therapy, decided why not try to fix the muscle dysfunction. Off to UCLA to see what Joseph Helms was teaching in acupuncture. While learning, I volunteered my recently injured full thickness rotator cuff tear up for experiment. A few needles later and I avoided the surgery that most of my baseball pitchers would usually end up having. Applying it in the office, people that were chronically seeing me for medication refills were getting cured of pain, off their meds and not needing therapy! Fast forward to my practice in Florida, due to what I like to call "superior medicine of the north", there weren't that many great docs in the rural areas. I feel people did what they could to stay alive and herbalists and Naturopathic Doctors where not only popular but they were changing lives. I followed the practice of Wendy and Jennifer at The Herb Shop in Clermont Florida and learned about herbal supplements. I watched patients lower cholesterol and LDL without handing out a prescription. I witnessed irritable bowel syndrome getting reversed with probiotics, digestive enzymes and diet. I converted atrial fibrillation with a few tiny little needles and relaxation breathing. Recently, I have had the honor of meeting some of the greatest minds in healing. Rev. Micheal Beckwith from "The Secret" for spirituality. Herb Benson from Harvard for Mind-Body Medicine. Andrew Weil out of University of Arizona for Integrative Medicine. Deepak Chopra and David Simon from the Chopra Center for Ayurvedic Medicine. Everyday I come across those who are truly suffering. It is heartbreaking to hear some stories of how disease is destroying lives. It is also inspiring when I see the glow in their eyes as I discuss alternative ways to maintain and reverse disease presentation.
I am thankful for every encounter along my journey. I feel it is imperative to share my experiences/successes with the universe. In my heart it is my calling to protect others from unnecessary suffering. This is how I created The Saguil Approach.