Video Library
by Dr. Ric Saguil

City Nightfall Meditation

I usually take people into meditation with acupuncture and sounds from indigenous instruments from each continent. I believe ancient wisdom had created instruments and sounds that allow the body and mind to feel at ease. Some people will probably find comfort in hearing the drowning sounds of a city. For those of you brought up in this environment, try watching then closing your eyes to this video. Work on also observing your breath, in and out while watching the sunset behind the the city lights. If you "get" that the sounds you hear are all mechanical, and anything in a machine is created with a rhythm, you may be able to percieve all the sounds of the city falling into one vibration. Once you get the vibration you can place your breath cadence atop the sounds and "float" into your breath being the primary pace with going in and out and the city noise the background accompaniment. 10 minutes of this video can place you into a relaxation phase to help destress any time of the day. If this is the sound you prefer, try the link at the end and you will see a common background "vibration" as the city in nature.