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by Dr. Ric Saguil

Night Snowfall Meditation

Blue is a cooling color. It's opposite is red. In times of frustration and anger, think blue, cool, calm. Imagine seeing your breath on a cold winter night. Work on slow expiration of breath. Concentrate on the sound the rushing air makes as it passes the back of the throat on its way to the atmosphere. Intentionally bring out this rushing sound of air, this is called Ojai breathing. Like you are trying to fog up a mirror in front of your mouth. This type of breathing heats up the body. It also "captures" the hearing organs to drown out even more external stimulation to quiet the mind. When you feel ready, with each expiration, you can let out a gentle "ooooooooooooohm". Not only will you heat the body, you will feel the vibrations of the most natural grounding sound the human can produce. 10 minutes of watching the blue snow fall, working on breathing and the "ohm" sound will still the mind, negate the anger response and encourage the relaxation response.