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by Dr. Ric Saguil

Night Stream Meditation

Sometimes meditation can be image based. Focusing on an object and not taking your gaze off with a relaxed stare. The eyes will be concentrating on an object or a direction but the mind will be letting go of the object association. In this case, breathwork again comes into play. Breath is the easiest of the "autonomic systems" to control. The beauty is if we make a mistake in attempting to control it, the body will "automatically" take can't get hurt in the process. Remember to focus more on the inspiration and expiration. Andy Weil speaks of 4-7-8 breathing, expiring evenly over 8 seconds (with abdominal tightening on the 8th second), inspiring quickly over 4 seconds and then gentle holding of the breath over 7 seconds to graciously let go again over 8...and repeat. Many of my patients say they start yawning, dosing off or more often; forget where they were in the cycle. This is ok, I suggest if this happens, dismiss the question, thought, sound or feeling and then get back to the 4-7-8 breathing. If you try this to the background of the running stream, in 10 minutes, you have just allowed the brain and other hormonal producing cells in the body to rejoice in not having adrenalin or epinephrine around and full blast secretion of oxytocin (the love hormone) and serotonin, not to mention the drowing out of beta brain waves and slow introduction of theta, delta (and yes for my snoring patients), alpha or deep sleep waves. Understand why people feel refreshed with 10 minutes of meditation?