Video Library
by Dr. Ric Saguil

Rain Forest Meditation

People usually equate rain or overcast with sadness. In nature it is the time of rejuvenation. Consider the water as cleansing. Reflect on a time when you were in a tub, filled with water, faucet off but a small amount of water drips through and hits the water with a cadence. Imagine the warmth of floating in the water with no immediate cares. When watching this video, first appreciate the swaying trees as protection from the rain. Through the movement of the branches, interpret that there must be wind. Then listen to the different tones of the drops hitting the ground. Listen for your won pattern. When you get a pattern, apply breathing to it, with each inhale at a certain raindrop tone. Keep up the the tones and the breathing . Ignore any side noises in the video or around your computer. Try to take any toughts, sounds or feelings that pop up and push them away, getting back to your cadence. By concentrating on the drops and breathing and "ignoring" the outside world, you have just "stilled" the mind.