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by Dr. Ric Saguil

Stream Meditation

It is said that you can never step into the same spot in a stream or river twice. Life is the same, you can never go back to what just happened. Trying to live for that previous "spot" will get you nothing but frustrated. Live for now! Try not to contemplate on issues from the past. When you mind wanders to past events, bring it back to the present. Meditation is a great way to "push away" thoughts that may be popping from previous experiences. Try to concentrate on your breathing, .....and out....... Let the sound of the water be your focus like the breaths going in and out. When an idea, thought or sound enters into the mind, don't dwell on it, accept it and get back to the breathing or water sounds. After 10 minutes, the brain just experienced some theta and delta wave relaxation, giving you more of a recharge than 6 hours of tossing and turning. When the mind works better, every cell in the body works better. Try it once or twice a day and build up from there.