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Come to me with frustration/leave with hope....

"Dedicated Patients"

Dr Saguil is an exceptional doctor. I have been suffering with severe menstrual cramps to the point I can move because the pain is so severe. I went to see yesterday he did acupuncture on me to help with my pains. Before he started my pain level was at a 10 being the worst. After he complete procedure I was pain free. I was amazed. I normally use around 2400 mg of Ibuprofen to help with my pain. After he performed acupuncture on me I have not required any pain medication. I can't thank him enough! I highly recommend this physician!!! He is very compassionate and he truly has a passion for helping his patients. DR SAGUIL ROCKS!!!!!!

I first met Dr. Ric in 2012 as a walk in patient for a physical for work, while performing my physical we conversed about my current health and workload stress level. He spent the time to discuss what he observed as potential risks to come. I was pleased with his concern and took his information for future follow up. Several years later after not being able to kick an overwhelming case of fatigue and stress & several visits to other doctors with no success I reached out to Dr. Ric That's when my life improved for the better. Dr. Ric took the time to thoroughly see where my current medical state was, and then he went to work. His incredible bedside manner and knowledge showed me that he meant business and If I was looking for an improvement in my health and well being I needed to listen and follow his lead. A year later after making Dr. Ric my primary care doctor as well as my wellness mentor, life has never been better. He has become the only medical professional I will go to, as well as my family and friends physician. Dr. Ric is a truly incredible man with and incredible talent for what he does. Be it a common cold or a life threatening illness he is the doctor I trust my loved ones with. Thank You Dr. Ric http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Enrique_Saguil/reviews#ixzz4UADBWdSD


I always feel encouraged when I leave the office because he analyzes my symptoms and draws from his knowledge to come up with a treatment. Then he follows up on my progress.


I truly trust Dr. Saguil's opinion and respect his approach. Unlike most, he is NOT owned by Pharmaceutical reps/companies. If a medication is not covered by insurance, he takes the time to find an alternate effective medication that IS.


What I love about Dr. Saguil is his approach to the total well being of the patient, mind, body, and spirit. I also appreciate that he listens to what I feel works best for me and that he is very knowledgeable about natural alternatives to prescription medications. I have recommend him to family and friends and will continue to do so.


I was recommended to him by a friend,and boy an I glad I went. As a nurse I have always been extremely picky about my health care. He is amazing!!!! I trust him completely! Extremely knowledgable and I love his approach to my healthcare. Definately not owned by pharmaceutical companies. I would trust him with any of my family members and currently recomendidng him to everyone that asks for a referral.


Dr Saguil is incredibly attentive and thorough. His approach is very open and made a significant positive impact on my health by looking at the big picture instead of just a symptom or two


Hi Dr Ric I want to tell you that inspire me to start moving. I come across one of your blog in youtube 12 weeks walking challenge I been doing my walk since the. thank to your help I'm in much better place today I lose 40 pound and gaining my life back Than you.

DRS (facebook friend)

I sharing this with all of you whom may be on the fence about change I'm 61 year old women with severe arthritis on my right knee, arthritis left ankle with escrushiering pain hardly can walk or sleep because of the discomfort and no medical insurance but I have to work like every good citizen.See I had good excuses to be a couch potato. Ten weeks ago I saw your youtube video No-3 walking when I heard crunchy sound of your shoes in the snow that did it, for me ,I said I will do that too so I started it next day. Thank God I found you Dr. Ric! I really mean it I was depressed all I can think was what to eat next now I have to remind myself to eat I thought I will never be avail to walk like that . I been following your instruction on walking, improving my eating habit, today I'm 90% plant diet no dairy no sugar, very little or no starch lots of water about 96 oz I'm pushing 3.5 miles a day every 6 time a week (The side effect :-) OMG my eye are much clean no red veins almost like when I was young! my hair o may I had to wash it every to or three days because I had this musky odor on my skull and so grease not any more I went a Dr. about it said to me wash it more often LOL, my head is clear the BIG one is no more bladder leakage I lose weight about 20 pound I feel like I lost 50 all is well,Thank You Dr. Ric I feel great I wouldn't never thought that I could do this kind change Thank you so much, God bless you . sorry my english is not that good I hope you can understand me ;

Sara Hartmann (youtube subscriber)

I'd just like to say thank you. A few years ago, I found your videos out of the blue and have watched almost all of them. It seems that most GP's tend to not give out advice to their patients due to time constraints, liability, etc. You have found a way to offer a more useful approach to helping your patients/people in general. I have had doctors allude to, say in the case of prescribing and SSRI, the fact that I should fix the root of the problem, but went little into how. At the time of a doctor visit, as you've said, it's more of a crisis situation and they pull out the "big guns" (prescription meds,etc). I love your calm approach to everything and look up to that. Your love for nature is something more people should recognize as a biological imperative rather than unnecessary. When I first found your videos I tried to get my mother to watch them, in order to help her gain a different perspective on how to deal with her chronic pain and emotional stress. She went to many different doctors and was given a ridiculous amount of medication for pain and anxiety. Of course, nothing went away, so she kept "trying" by going back and forth to different doctors who would prescribe different types of similar medications, mainly SSRI's and drugs like Neurontin, Ambien, BP meds. She did all of this while trying to get her Bachelors in nursing at 53yrs old. She saw what her chronic pain was leading her to and, sadly on March 1,2014 committed suicide. I share this because your approach to healing can have the ability to heal what is really wrong with people. Western medicine concentrates on the body, while body and spirit is neglected. The path I have been on, sparked by a few of your videos, has led me to make better overall decisions with my physical and psychological health. Without the changes partly influenced by you, my mother's suicide could have ended me. You sir, even beyond being a physician, have found another part of your Dharma. I have had dreams of hiking with you and relish them. I hope to someday be as inspiring as you. Again, thank you.

CB a healer

Awesome doc! Great listener, open, respectful, humble, knowledgeable. I always leave appointments. with a clear plan of action to help myself feel better and aim for optimal health, even with all sorts of ailments

Great suggestions about the sandalwood or lavender, deep inhales and imagery. That will be incorporated starting today! With all the wonderful tools you have suggested to me, and, experiencing them falling into place so nicely, I have begun to REALLY feel profoundly improved. Beginning last Monday, each day has been GOOD….Really, really good! I am blessed to keep doing the work to continue this path back to full health!!!! I could not have done it without you, and I thank you from the depth of my soul!!!

DF Reiki Healer/Mom/Spouse

'I was in yesterday for a sinus infection and Dr. Enrigue Saguil treated me. I have never had a doctor at the er or immediate care ever take so much time with me. He not only did a very extensive checkup but he went over everything I should be doing at home for my care and wrote it down. He explained how to get the fastest recovery and how each of the things he recommended could help. I am also nursing my daughter and he knew all the medication that would interfere. Sadly, I don't always expect an experience like the one I had but since I did get such great care I wanted to share my story. '

TS Advocate Sherman Hospital Employee

".....i recovered right away, by the 3rd day, i did finished all the pills you gave me, plus lots of fluids, i only did the steam inhalation for 2 days, felt much better, thank you so much for your time given to us...

-Marilou (after my herbal influenza remedy)

Dr. Saguil is so knowledgeable. He always has a good answer for me that I trust. (He) is extraordinary in how many details he shares about health issues and what I need to do to improve my health. I already did refer a friend to him. And she loves him. When he advised me to have physical therapy, he was involved in what was done and how I was progressing.


...not only did the needling help my operating shoulder, I also felt very relaxed for several days.....

CSDMD (local dentist)

The biggest thing, which totally blew me away: my brother in law has no insurance and is not working (actually living with me). Dr. Saguil went out of his way to look up an acceptable antibiotic that he could get for free at Meijers, and they set up a payment plan for him......

Relative of a patient seen in Immediate Care

With my aching body after running the Chicago Marathon, my friend referred me to see an acupuncturist, Dr. Enrique Saguil, for treatment. I didn't know anything about acupuncture but Dr. Saguil who is very knowledgeable took time to explain it to me. With Dr. Saguil's gentle and comforting hands, the pain was gone after the treatment. Above all, acupuncture was very relaxing, and to wake up the next morning with a new you is priceless.

-Ria Rodriguez, RN, Chicago, IL

".....i recovered right away, by the 3rd day, i did finished all the pills you gave me, plus lots of fluids, i only did the steam inhalation for 2 days, felt much better, thank you so much for your time given to us...

-Marilou (after my herbal influenza remedy)

Hi Dr. Saguil, Your presentation at Whole Foods was excellent. There is much information to stimulate thought. The key I think is how to get people to act on the information for their benefit.


".....In 2004 I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma (type 3) on the left breast. I underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation in the same year.

In December 2008 after 5 years of remission, the cancer came back, this time invading my right breast. Worse, it spread to my spine and pelvic bone!

From then on my agony started. I felt pain on my back. Sometimes I couldn't distinguish which my back hurts. I had a hard time doing my daily activities. I could hardly sleep. Things got so bad I had to quit my job.

My oncologist gave me 8 sessions of chemotherapy and prescribed codeine to relieve my pain. It helped but my pain still continued.

Dr Ric Saguil offered to try acupuncture. At first I was skeptical hesitant and afraid- because I knew I would be dealing with a lot of needles and needle punctures. After Dr Saguil explained the procedure extensively, I was enlightended finally convinced to try it.

After my first session, I immediately felt a calming effect. It was amazing! I felt relaxed and had a good night's sleep that day. After the follow up session, I felt rejuvenated and the pain was almost a thing of the past. .

-M E Dizon

Your email brought tears to my eyes. I am deeply grateful-(regarding the healing intention Dr Saguil provided through an email response prior to major surgery)

JS (a practicing Buddist)

My gosh, can't believe you took time out of your schedule to send me this email. Thank you so much! Just did the neti pot and took my D3, will check out Whole Foods on my way into the studio. Gave in yesterday and took Tylenol Sinus to get through teaching my classes. After 9hrs of sleep and certainly your healing intentions, I'm feeling much better.

CB (a Yoga Healer)