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Introduction to Meditation
Time saving technology has provided families with time. Unfortunately, we use the time to invest in more time saving gadgets. 50-70 hour work weeks have provided for broken family ....
Sun Salutations
Like the previous Sun Sal, I use it as a warm up to yoga routines. Due to 10 minute limits, I kept this short but added a few from my winter Sun Sal. The end of summer 2010, I will add the specific mantras that go with the Suraya Namaskar.
Ultrasonic Diffuser Use
At Integrative Sports and Wellness we strive to use all modalities available to assist in the healing process. Conventional medicine often dismisses placebo effect when in fact it may provide much of what is needed to heal.
Sunrise Meditation
At the Chopra Center, we are taught to meditate for 30 minutes twice a day. Harvard's Dr Benson allows "mini's", meditation for short bursts any time of day.
Pond Meditation
Meditation is meant to still the mind. When performed on a regular basis, the brain is "trained" to react with the relaxation response more so than the stress response. The stress response is useful for firefighters, police officers, soldiers and fighters.
Stream Meditation
It is said that you can never step into the same spot in a stream or river twice. Life is the same, you can never go back to what just happened. Trying to live for that previous "spot" will get you nothing but frustrated.