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"5 minute" youtube consults
Waterfall Meditation
Ever sit under a waterfall? The continuous pelting of water to the scalp is massaging and hypnotic. Even in a pool with a spout, you will usually find someone floating under ....
Night Stream Meditation
Sometimes meditation can be image based. Focusing on an object and not taking your gaze off with a relaxed stare. The eyes will be concentrating on an object or a direction but the mind will be letting go of the object association.
Night Snowfall Meditation
Blue is a cooling color. It's opposite is red. In times of frustration and anger, think blue, cool, calm. Imagine seeing your breath on a cold winter night. Work on slow expiration of breath.
City Nightfall Meditation
I usually take people into meditation with acupuncture and sounds from indigenous instruments from each continent. I believe ancient wisdom had created instruments and sounds that allow the body and mind to feel at ease.
Horizon Sunset Imagery Meditation
I wonder what the astronauts feel when they experience the beauty of space. When you think about the earth, the sun, our solar system, other constellations, the galaxy....
Relaxed Flying Meditation
For those of you who stress at plane flights. Landings could be stressful. I would always close my eyes and think I was flying the plane and for some reason, bumps and shakes as a pilot...