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"5 minute" youtube consults
Rain Forest Meditation
People usually equate rain or overcast with sadness. In nature it is the time of rejuvenation. Consider the water as cleansing.
Yoga warm up routine part 1
I put my stretching routine together to show patients some basic yoga positions. Yoga can be used for flexibility but its concept is deeper involving mindful breathing, and peace.
Yoga warm up routine part 2
part 2 of my demonstration of a yoga flexibility routine I have developed for use before my activities. My goal is to show patients there is no one exact position that is good for all...
Sun salutations routine part 1
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Sun salutation routine part 2
A continuation of the short yoga routine anyone can perform, sun or no sun. I want my patients to understand that to get healthy and exercise does not mean purchasing an expensive gym membership or paying for a personal trainer.
Seduction of Spirit at the Chopra Center
On my way to padding my wall with certificates from UCLA, Harvard and Andrew Weil, I stumbled on the Chopra Center.