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by Dr. Ric Saguil

Waterfall Meditation

Ever sit under a waterfall? The continuous pelting of water to the scalp is massaging and hypnotic. Even in a pool with a spout, you will usually find someone floating under the spout seemingly without a worry in the world. Is it the tactile stimulation of the water, the noise of nature, the blurred line of sight or the drowning out of daily stimuli that makes us relax? I say it is all of the above. If the descriptions of what I write bring you back to a warm thought or picture, it is probably because human brains are drawn to this stimuli for "stilling the mind". We go back and seek out these events because the mind heals itself and the body follows. Listen to the constant roar of the water, think about your breathing in and out, try to progress the breaths to 4seconds inhaling, 7 seconds of gentle holding, and 8 seconds of even exhaling. Do this for the 10 minutes of the waterfall once to twice a day and your tolerance for stress will be bulletproof!